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The Philosophy of Wuxi. No.1 High School

作者:International Department 來源:International Department 發布時間:2018年01月24日 點擊數:
The philosophy of our school is oriented towards developing a sense of independence, commitment and compassion amongst children, and making them capable of providing the kind of leadership the world needs. Using the CAS model of Creativity, Activity, and Service, we focus on building the whole child. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate and develop mind, body, and spirit in an engaging, interactive, and caring environment, preparing them for future relationships and endeavours in a globalized world.
As students in a Chinese School, opportunities are provided to incorporate a multi-cultural understanding of learning. Experiencing teaching styles from around the world, students are able to engage in issues, cultural systems, and ideas from a variety of sources on a daily basis. The curriculum also opens the door to an inter-disciplinary approach to learning and investigation, especially through Theory of Knowledge and other personal exploration.
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